My Neighbor Refuse to Do the Right Thing

When my husband’s car was hit by our long-time neighbor and his car, we thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to get paid for damages to our car and my husband’s medical bills because we have a connection with the guy who hit us. Didn’t turn out that way at all. After the police left the scene, our neighbor gave us a sob story about how he didn’t have car insurance and he hoped that we would understand. Hope doesn’t pay for medical bills or mechanic bills. It was a must to use a Sacramento personal injury attorney to get what we felt that we were due for quite some time.

It was stunning to us that any human being would chance getting behind the wheel without car insurance. If you don’t have the proper coverage, you need to get a ride with someone else, walk or take public transportation to wherever you need to go. Yes, people drive around every day as if it is no big deal. But you need health insurance because the law says you do. It ensures that you have coverage that will cover your own vehicle’s damage and that of anyone else who you hit. It helps to pay someone else’s medical bills if you cause the accident to occur.

We found ourselves having trouble with paying the medical bills each week. My husband had to see different specialists for a variety of help and opinions after the wreck. To make sure that we continued to get the best help, we went to court with our neighbor. He knew that he was not innocent and that he did wrong by being on the road that day. While he seemed to be remorseful, we needed the medical bills to be paid. The judge ruled in our favor for a settlement of $20,000.